So many of us are programmed to look at things as either all good or all bad.
We have black or white thinking.
We see everything as all or nothing.

When your daughter has anorexia, it’s tempting to let a dark cloud hang over every part of your day,
over every part of your life.
It is easy to decide that life as we know it is over,
or that we will never be happy again.

These thoughts of doom will become our beliefs if we think about them long enough.
Thankfully, we can choose to think differently.
And when we do, it makes all the difference.

We choose the thoughts to think.
And our thoughts create our feelings.
We can find positive things to think about our daughter instead of thinking only about the anorexia.
We learn to add up the little things that we notice:

She ate more today than she did yesterday.

She smiled.

She opened up and talked to me.

She spent time with her little brother.

She is interested in her schoolwork again.

She allowed me to hug her.

She hugged back.

If we pay attention to and value the positives that are happening,

we can see the sun peeking through the clouds.
We know that in the midst of her recovery from anorexia,
the little things are monumental.

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