The Peacemeal Program

8-week Program for Parents of Anorexic Teens

Is every meal a battle? Are you discouraged by the treatment options available to you? Are you feeling like you can’t handle what anorexia is doing to your teen? Have you lost confidence in yourself as a parent? Do you want to help your child, but you feel powerless against anorexia?

If you are the parent of a teen who has been diagnosed with anorexia, my Peacemeal Program is for you. Specifically, this one-on-one coaching program addresses the challenges you encounter when you decide to refeed your teen at home. Whether you are fortunate enough to have great local treatment options, or you live in an area where experts on eating disorders are hard to find, nothing could have prepared you for the extreme resistance you face when you try to get your teen to eat.

I know what you are going through because I am the mom of an anorexic teen. I have experienced the power that anorexia can have over a teen, and I understand how impossible it feels to feed someone who is absolutely terrified to eat. I have been through the refeeding and weight restoration process with my daughter, and I have the tools to help you.

It used to be that parents were blamed for causing eating disorders. Not only did you not cause your teen’s anorexia, you are in the best position to help her. In fact, recent evidence-based research shows that parents make a big difference in the recovery of their anorexic teens.

That is great news, but it isn’t enough. You know you are important to your teen’s recovery, and more than anything, you want to help her. The problem is: you don’t know what to do or how to do it, and you can’t seem to find any clear answers.

That is why I created the Peacemeal Program. During our sessions together, I will teach you how to apply the latest cognitive psychology-based tools to navigate the ups and downs of your teen’s anorexia. You will learn how to get your teen to eat without losing your cool, how to make treatment decisions with confidence, and how to support your teen’s full recovery with love and compassion. Right now you may be feeling scared, overwhelmed, and helpless; but you have more power, strength, and capability than your current feelings are leading you to believe. If you are ready to empower yourself and take charge of your teen’s recovery, schedule a free consultation here.

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