Before anorexia:
  • Her hair was in a perfect bun.
  • She looked put together in a nice leotard and tights.
  • She performed with excellent technique.
  • She prepared for and attended all auditions so she could get the best parts.
  • She attended every class, even the ones that weren’t required.
  • She skimped on sleep to keep up with her studies rather than missing a ballet class.
  • She took her corrections and applied them.
  • She was disciplined in her study of ballet.
  • She went away for summer intensives because that is what was expected of Company members.
  • She had to be perfect.
  • When it felt like too much, she kept pushing.
  • She danced one of the lead roles in the Nutcracker.
  • Her goal was to become a professional dancer.

After anorexia: (once she was far enough along in her recovery to begin exercising again)

  • She is able to attend dance classes.
  • She enjoys dancing.
  • She is honest with her artistic director about what she can and can’t do.
  • She is dancing to help her recovery.
  • She knows if her weight drops or ballet triggers anorexic behavior, she will have to stop dancing again.
  • She is able to say no to opportunities in order to take care of herself.
  • She feels less stress because she is dancing.
  • She is not measuring herself against what she used to be able to do.
  • She is not attending a summer intensive this year.
  • She watched the Nutcracker this Christmas instead of dancing in it.
  • Her goal is to become a professional dancer.

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