I like peace and harmony.

I don’t like conflict.

But when anorexia hijacked my daughter’s brain, I got a steady dose of it.

Anorexia made sure that there was a battle: a mom who desperately wanted her teen to eat vs. the daughter who refused to.

It felt like I was fighting against someone I adored.

I wasn’t.

I was waging war against an illness.

When I looked at what I was doing as a fight for my child and against anorexia, I got tougher.

I was able to push when I wanted to retreat.

I was able to tolerate any emotions because I was feeding her from love.

The shift from taking my daughter’s behavior personally to feeding her compassionately, changed everything.

It doesn’t come naturally for me to move toward conflict.

I learned to do it anyway.

When I decided to believe I wasn’t hurting her, but I was helping her, I pushed.

If you are a mom who wants to help her child overcome anorexia, I know how unbearable it is to think you are causing her pain by pushing her to eat. It is easier to look the other way and keep the peace. But stepping into the arena to defend your teen is one of the most powerful things you can do for her recovery.

I love helping other moms become empowered in the fight against their teen’s anorexia.  If you could use some compassionate support, click the button below to schedule your free consultation.

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