Did you know that the kind of questions you ask yourself throughout the day can make a big difference in the results you get in your life?

Asking high-quality questions can lead to empowering and inspiring answers. By learning to ask yourself at least one great question every day, you can put your brain to work searching for answers. The better question you ask, the better answer you will get.

That means to get a positive response, you must ask yourself a positive question.

Pay attention to the quality of the questions you are asking yourself on a regular basis. Are you asking questions similar to: “Why did this have to happen to my daughter?” “How can I make it through another day like this?” “When will this misery end?” “What am I going to do if she doesn’t gain weight this week?”

It is natural to ask yourself questions all day long. But, if you continually ask the same negative questions, you will get the same negative answers. Those negative answers can become negative beliefs if they are repeated often enough.

For example if you ask yourself “Why did this have to happen to my daughter?”, your brain will likely answer with negative, self-defeating answers: “because you went on diets, you allowed her to pursue ballet, you didn’t get her help when she was having mood swings, you thought her symptoms were normal teenage behavior, you didn’t monitor her social media usage enough, you haven’t been a good enough mother.” Notice how these answers incorporate negative beliefs about the kind of parent you are.

What if you changed the quality of your question to ensure that your answer would incorporate an empowering belief? For example, if you ask yourself “How can I be a great mom and help her recover at the same time?” By asking a positive question, you are much more likely to come up with empowering, creative, and inspiring answers that will be much more useful to you.

The idea is to train your brain to go to work answering empowering questions so it will quit looking for negative evidence to prove negative beliefs.

To ask better questions, focus on the solution, not the problem.

Examples of high-quality questions to ask yourself:

1. How can I make the next meal better for myself and better for my daughter?

2. How can I make choices that benefit me and benefit my daughter?

3. How can I feed her when she is resisting, and feel confident at the same time?

4. What can I do to see this as an opportunity to be an amazing parent?

5. How can I require her to stop all ballet classes and still feel like a loving parent?

6. What thought can I focus on to be compassionate when my daughter is anxious?

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