A Gift Worth Giving Yourself


It's the holiday season, a time when we are most likely preparing to give gifts to friends and family.  The last thing on our minds as a parent caring for an anorexic teen is giving

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Resisting Reality


“This shouldn’t be happening to my child.” “Her life wasn’t supposed to go this way.” “Someone should be able to help her.” “I shouldn’t have to deal with this.” All of the above thoughts are

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A Manifesto for Parents of Anorexic Teens


I wrote A Manifesto For Parents of Anorexic Teens during my daughter's struggle with anorexia.  I hope this declaration of my beliefs and intentions is helpful to you as you support your teen’s recovery. I

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A Simple Strategy To Reduce Anorexia Anxiety


Because anorexia is considered a complicated illness, a simple strategy to reduce anorexia anxiety may not sound realistic.  The anxiety that accompanies anorexia can be extreme.  For many parents, relieving their anorexic teen's anxiety becomes

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